Founders’ Place has always been a residential district of mixed backgrounds, races, occupations and economic status where a doctor, lawyer or bank president was neighbor to a carpenter, business owner or laborer. This common thread of diversity is what gives Founders’ Place its character and distinction.


The architectural styles of Founders’ Place are diverse also. Structures found within its boundaries are Victorian, Colonial Revival, English Tudor, Classical Revival, Bungalow, American Craftsman, Prairie School, Mission Revival and many that can only be termed Eclectic.


This district has always been a neighborhood that welcomed everyone to its tree-lined streets, inviting front porches, and friendly hospitality. Welcome to Founders’ Place!




Our Roots


In the early days of Muskogee, two primary factors encouraged the growth and development of the city - the railroads and the federal government. By 1905 Muskogee was a railroad hub with six lines serving the city. It was also the home of the Federal Court, the Dawes Commission and the Indian Agency, giving Muskogee more federal employees than any other city outside Washington, D.C. It was the capital of Indian Territory.


The residential development of Founder’s Place became possible with the Curtis Act of 1898 when the City of Muskogee was incorporated.  It began in earnest in 1905 with many new homes, both opulent and humble, being built within the confines of the district. Many of Muskogee’s most prominent families chose to build their homes on this pleasant pastureland sitting on a rise and overlooking the bustling downtown. Attorneys, bankers, physicians,

oilmen, publishers, educators, politicians, artists and musicians have called Founders’ Place their home.


The boundaries of the Founders’ Place Historical District are Martin Luther King Street (historically called Fondulac) to Okmulgee Avenue from north to south and Twelfth Street to Seventeenth Street from east to west.  Founders’ Place is a 501c3 non-profit organization with a governing board dedicated to preserving its historical integrity, improving its property and

promoting an excellent quality of life for its residents.


We invite you to join us as a resident, a member or as a friend on


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